Labor Day is just around the corner, which means we’ve only got so many weekends left of backyard barbeques and poolside fun. While all that celebrating is fun for us, our furry friends often have to deal with the anxiety caused by just coming along! Whether they’re on the move with us or hiding inside from electrical storms, fireworks, or other situations that cause intense anxiety; our puppies aren’t always able to manage!

LEVO supporter, Shar Lise, has a couple family dogs who are absolutely terrified of fireworks! As an herbalist in training, she wanted to do something to help and picked up a book on herbal medicine for dogs. After reviewing all the herbs that are safe for dogs, she developed the recipe below that would be best to help manage anxiety.


1 cup food-grade vegetable glycerine

4 tsp German or Roman Chamomile

2 tsp Lavender

4 tsp Valerian


Place in LEVO and set to infuse for 4 hours at 175 F.


When your LEVO finishes it’s cycle, drain and pour into sterilized bottles and label. Store in the fridge for longevity and safety.

Shar got her dog Rocky to take the tincture by placing 1/4 tsp on a cracker and topping it with her favorite meat paste. She says dosing for tiny dogs would be about 8 drops from a dropper bottle (less than 1/8 tsp). Large dogs can take 1/4 tsp and up a bit more.  (Her dog Rocky weighs at 105 lbs and Sampson at 98 lbs use 1/4 tsp. FYI!)

The great thing about her tincture is that the dogs don’t get dazed out and the effects only last a few hours (just in time for that fireworks show to finish)! But remember, start with a tiny dose and see how your dog responds. Wait 25 minutes before giving more.*

*Note From Shar: This information is not intended to diagnose any disease. Please consult with your dog’s veterinarian prior to use. Do not use if your dog is allergic to any ingredient.

Does your dog deal with anxiety? Let us know if this works for calming your puppy!

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