In addition to infusing, LEVO is a handy, mess-free way to make ghee, a healthy (and lactose-free!) alternative to butter. Add your herbs of choice to make an infusion first, or skip the infusion and use LEVO to cook some shelf-stable ghee perfect for cooking & baking.

An Ancient Food from India

An ancient food, ghee has been used for thousands of years. In India, ghee is eaten as a health food, used as part of ceremonial practices, and it’s also used for healing practices in Ayurvedic medicine, such as treating burns and rashes and helping hydrate dry skin and hair. It is a product of preservation: the warmer weather in southern India demanded that people find a way to make their butter keep longer and remain fresh. The solution was to cook the butter long enough to remove the milk solids that spoil easily.
This process turned out a lactose-free and casein-free butter that tastes, well…butterier! In addition to tasting richer and nuttier than plain ol’ butter, ghee is actually healthier for you too.

Enjoy all the Benefits of Ghee

Simply put, ghee is like clarified butter, the kind you get with lobster, but it’s cooked longer to give it a deep, rich flavor and to cook away all those proteins and sugars. What’s left behind has over 25% of medium and short-chained fatty acids, which are the good kinds of fat that don’t contribute to cardiovascular disease. In addition to being a more heart-healthy fat, check out these ghee benefits:

  • Higher smoke point (250°C or 482°F) means you can sear and sauté with it
  • Does not spoil easily or quickly
  • Leave it on your counter for easy access
  • Easy to digest
  • Rich in vitamins A and E
  • Grass-fed ghee means more CLA (a type of antioxidant)
  • Supports weight loss
  • Reduces inflammation

Infused LEVO Ghee Recipe


If you want to make an infused ghee, first make a simple butter infusion with LEVO:

2 sticks of butter


  1. Take two sticks of butter and slice into large pieces so they fit nicely into the LEVO reservoir.
  2. Place the butter into your LEVO reservoir.
  3. Pack LEVO herb pod with your herb of choice. We tried red chili pepper flakes for a spicy and delicious treat.
  4. Add LEVO herb pod into the reservoir and close the lid.
  5. Set your LEVO to 160-175°F and infuse for 30-120 minutes, depending on your herb choice. Use the time and temperature calculator to be precise.
  6. When your infusion is finished, open the lid to your LEVO and let it cool for a bit. Do not burn yourself!
  7. After your LEVO has cooled, remove the herb pod.
  8. Close your LEVO lid and move right along to step #3 of the Basic LEVO Ghee Recipe.

Basic LEVO Ghee Recipe Ingredients

If you want to make ghee without adding any herbs, start here!

4 sticks of butter


  1. Take four sticks of butter and slice into large pieces so they fit nicely into the LEVO reservoir.
  2. Place the butter into your LEVO reservoir.
  3. Set your LEVO to 200°F to infuse for 60 minutes.
  4. Drain into glass measuring cup or a container with a handle that you can easily pour from. Don’t burn your hands! The ghee will be hot.


  1. Using a cheesecloth, an old (but clean!) t-shirt, or a nut milk bag, pour the ghee through the strainer and into a mason jar for storage.
  2. Voila! Your ghee is ready to be eaten however you’d like: plain or infused with the herbs of your choice.

Pro tip: think about the saltiness of your ghee. Some people prefer to use only unsalted butter because making ghee cooks away the water content and leaves behind an extra salty end product. Try it out and see which you prefer!

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