In celebration of our dearest dads, we compiled three #LEVOmade recipes this father’s day to help him look his very best on this special day. First up, dads with beards. Whether you like dad clean shaven or not, there’s nothing like a minty fresh scent. In this skincare recipe, try an infused rosemary and mint shaving cream with your LEVO.

Hint: We think ladies will like it too. It’s the summer season, after all. #BareLegs

Why Rosemary and Mint?

Rosemary has been hailed as an herb for its medicinal properties, especially with healthy hair growth. Mint is generally calming and soothing, so the combination of the two makes it ideal for our shaving cream recipe below.


¾  cup shea butter
¾  cup coconut oil
2 tbsp avocado oil
2 tsp vitamin E oil
2 tbsp dried mint
2 tbsp dried rosemary


Pack LEVO Pod with a combined 2-3 tbsp of your dried mint and rosemary.

Begin infuse cycle at 160F for 30 minutes in shea butter.

  • After infusion is complete leave to chill.
  • In a mixer, combine coconut oil, avocado oil.
  • Add vitamin E oil.
  • Transfer to a glass jar with an airtight lid. Store in a cool, dry place.
  • To use, apply a thin layer to skin and shave.
  • Note: If the mixture is left in a warm bathroom, it will melt. You can easily firm up melted shaving cream by placing it in the refrigerator until it begins to re-solidify. You can also toss back in the mixer to re-blend if desired.

Let us know what dad thinks of his shaving cream and if you have any other herbal combinations, please share with us.

And as always, share what you make with @LEVO_Oil and be sure to tag it with #LEVOmade.
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